Signing Up/Joining

question mark How to join your online pharmacy affiliate program?

You have to simply sign up or if you desire. When we receive your application, one of our Account Manager will contact you through a Skype interview to evaluate your online marketing fluency. Once you are accepted, you will start promoting and earn commissions for the accepted traffic that you bring.

question mark Can any person become an affiliate in your online pharmacy program?

Though preceding experience of online affiliation is suggested, but it’s not a precondition. However, we do pursue affiliates who have basic online marketing fluency. We provide 24/7 support for those who are admitted in affiliates who are still attaining experience and are in need of some direction.

question mark Do I have to own a blog/website for joining the online pharmacy affiliate program?

It is not necessary that you should own a website or a blog to be in this affiliate program. Once you are registered and accepted, we will be providing you a website of high quality products. All our provided websites are equipped with amenities like database connection, payment gateway, shopping cart, order status and other essential facilities.

question mark Are the international webmasters and affiliates welcomed to the program?

We have our current affiliate members are from USA, UK and Australia. We invite webmasters and affiliates from these countries only providing they fit the business parameters of our online pharmacy affiliate program.

question mark Is there any kind of registration fees?

Signing up for the online pharmacy affiliate program is absolutely FREE

Customer Benefits

question mark What are the products that you offer?

We are offering a range of control and non-control medical products. Click on the Product list to view the details of the offered products and percentage of revenue.

question mark What options of the payment are available to consumers?

We receive all major credit and debit cards payments.

question mark Which options of the currency are obtainable in the online pharmacy sites?

Our online pharmacy affiliate program keep a standard currency in US dollar only as it is internationally recognized.

question mark What is the refund policy of your affiliate program?

Our online pharmacy has a relaxed 30-day money back refund policy. The refunds of the customer or charge back will not have an effect on the commissions of the affiliate, so you don’t have anything to worry.

Affiliate Support & Activity

question mark When does Affiliate program disburse the payments?

Our affiliates get their commissions on weekly basis, two days subsequent to the end of the active period which is Monday to Sunday. Affiliates attain the actual payments after a hold period of 2-day for billing purposes.

question mark Is there any support that you offer to your affiliates?

We offer a 24/7 individualized support. We are always here for any questions and queries that arise in your minds.

question mark What is your payout routine?

As against other affiliate programs, we provide weekly basis payouts, and we also offer even twice a week in some circumstances. This is true considering that you have reached the early required amount of sales.

question mark How to make the most of my commissions in your program?

The more traffic you get on the affiliate sites provided by us, the more commission you will be making. Just keep in mind that you as an affiliate will be receiving the commissions for approved orders only.

question mark Do you offer devoted sites?

Yes. Our online pharmacy affiliate program offers extremely converting and beautifully designed dedicated high-performing sites to affiliates.

question mark Are there any holdups for charge back or customer refunds?

There are no such holdups. Your commissions are not affected by charge back or refunds! Though, affiliate accounts showing repeated cases of charge back and/or refunds will lead towards suspension.

question mark Do you accept traffic from PPC campaigns and/or SEO?

Yes, PPC and SEO-generated traffic are an effective method of marketing which we consent and encourage to the affiliates of our pharmacy to pursue.